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Transition: Summer staples to Fall!

Well I guess summer is "over."
 Some claim that after labor day Summer is officially over, here in NC I would have to strongly disagree! Its still 90 flipping degrees! 
Personally I like to start putting away my tiny tanks and flip flops and bring out some flats, booties and more "fall looking" items! I know its still blazing hot but that doesn't mean you still need to dress like it's the middle of July. 

Here is my insight on how to properly transition into fall without dying from heat exhaustion.

-Keep the colors fun, don't put away the white, pink and mint just because its fall, mix them up with neutral or brown tones! Throwing in some chambray for me instantly adds a little fall!

Pink Pants: Summer to Fall

-Still loving all those summer dresses? Weed a few out, something that screams sumer go ahead and store away. Something more muted, possibly some navy stripes, keep it in the closet! Just add a scarf, some booties or possibly a light jacket if you're headed out after dark!

Striped Dresses: Summer to Fall

-Like I stated earlier, don't put the white away. Well, let me correct myself, don't put the white jeans away. Sadly I think the bags and white dresses need to go. 
Wear the white jeans just "fall them up!" Add a sweater or riding boots, go with more fall and winter colors. Like the mustard yellow color pictured below, perfect for fall! 

White Jeans: Summer to Fall

So now that I am ready to go on a serious shopping spree, I think I have mentally prepared myself for fall!

Do y'all have any tips for transitioning into fall?


  1. love this! Great outfits!

  2. i love how you have changed the looks from summer to fall!


  3. where did you find those pink skinnies???

  4. So glad I'm not the only one that thinks you can still use white after labor day! Especially with my new white loui. Lol.

  5. Love this! The transition time is sometimes difficult....I like to think I don't have anything to wear, but that is also an "excuse" to buy new clothes.


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