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Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

-Elevator encounters, I live in a building with two elevators so I run into this problem often. I absolutely HATE getting in the elevator with other people. Either they're super talkative and I don't care what they have to say or they just stare at you. a w k w a r d. 

-My school. People at my school are slack. Every time I go to school someone hasn't done their work and they steal mine off my desk to copy. Or they will ask to slap their name on the top of my paper since apparently its ok to submit group work at my school... NOT OK! I kind lost it on someone in class Tuesday, needless to say it will be awkward sitting next to them for the rest of the year!

-Business center encounters in my building. If you're in a "business center" you would think that people would act like normal human beings. nope. You're three year old drooling on my mouse pad and yelling Pinks newest song in my ear is NOT appropriate, neither is what I said to the three year olds mom but she had it coming for her. Also when you can clearly see I am watching a lecture video with headphones, don't talk to me, leave me freaking alone. 

-Car dealership commercials... does anyone else feel so weird when those come one? I seriously just sit there and stare at the TV like, what? seriously?

-Fall, it is here. Thank the Lord. 

-Because Fall is here, it's time to bust out the boots, and jackets and scarves. I'm in heaven!!!! I can't wait to throw on the sweaters and boots together! 

-Shopping for the new lake house! I love decorating and shopping so this is going to be too fun! I can't wait to finally get the place coming together and doing little projects here and there! 
I want to re-paint this to match the new color scheme of the place!

-October. We have plans every single weekend in October! While this kind of stresses me out it makes me so happy that we get to see family and friends and go on some amazing little trips around NC!

-My group texts with Emily and Crystal... seriously everyday I look forward to our group texts, I love these girls so much! They're AWESOME!

What is awkward or awesome about your Thursday? I wanna hear!!


  1. Eww who lets people submit group work? Even more eww to people that probably sit at home drinking beers watching Honey Boo Boo all night expecting to slap their name on someone else's work. That's so sad

  2. pahaha love all of these. but especially that group text!!


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