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Bootie Obsessed

So I have a new obsession... booties. 
The shoes, not the human buttocks.

I bought a pair from Old Navy two weeks ago and I can't stop wearing them! 
The striped dress is my go to with these shoes. I mayyyy have worn it more than a few times...oops. 

And then Emily did some shopping yesterday and found these booties... and I may have had her buy me a pair. No judgement please. 

Are y'all into the bootie trend? If so what are y'all wearing with your booties? I'm kinda stuck on a look or two and I don't know what to wear with them! 


  1. i really love all three of the looks that you posted with the booties. do you think they'll ever replace the trend of very, very tall fall boots? i'm a fan!

  2. Love them. But I need a more dressy black pair. Lol.

  3. Your outfits with them are super cute! I need to go get me a pair.

  4. I'm on the fence about booties, but you pull them off!!

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  5. These are super cute, love how you wore them!!

  6. booties are essential. love them!


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