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Top 5 Tuesday!

I am kind of at a loss for ideas to blog about lately! The hustle & bustle of the Holidays has had me worn out! I figured I would do a link up with Rachel @ Just Peachy  to get the creative juices flowing!

1) Movie
Bad Teacher 
I know this movie kind of got a few slams and bad reviews but I thought it was hilarious! I keep telling myself to buy the dang movie but I always forget when I'm out and about! 

2) TV Show 
The Big Bang Theory 
I've always been a huge fan of Kaley Cuoco and I love her in this show! Its hilarious! I can't get the episode I want uploaded so click the link and watch it! 

3) Song 
Lupe Fiasco- The Show Goes On

4)Thing that happened
Meeting Jeremy. 
I met Jeremy in February of this year and ever since then he has brought so much happiness and joy to my life! I am so thankful for everything he has done for me and I thank God every day for putting him in my life. I never thought I could be this content and happy with life, I finally see how a relationship should be and how a man should treat a woman! He is amazing and I wouldn't change a thing!

5) Christmas Present 
My Marley Lilly Crossbody I LOVE this purse! I seriously have been toting it everywhere since I got it! Its so me! Thanks mama!

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 


  1. I watched Bad Teacher the other day. I thought it was funny!

  2. I haven't seen Bad Teacher yet, but it looks so funny. Big Bang Theory is one my favorite shows. So funny! I'm so glad that you met such a great guy. You both look great together! :)

  3. nice list. bbt is a funny show :)

  4. Yay for boyfriends! I love that crossbody, cute monogram detail!

  5. You and Jeremy are so cute together! I loveee that purse. I wish I had asked for it for Christmas!

  6. I just saw Bad Teacher yesterday and I could not stop laughing! It was great! Love the rest of the list too. Lupe and Cuoko are so talented, Marley lilly is a downright amazing company, and boyfriends, well boyfriends are the most sought after thing since the birkin bag for a god reason.

  7. Bad Teacher was hilarious!!!! I got it for Christmas! The purse is so cute too.

    Thanks for linking up!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo