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oh la la leopard!

Hello dolls and possibly the occasional Ken that reads? So I have been might busy this week but I have felt like I've gotten nothing done! Crazy how that happens! Before I start my post about my obsession with leopard print I need to tell you a little background here. So I don't know if anyone really knows my current situation but I live with my parents, whomp whomp. After quitting my job I realized I could not afford my luxury apartment and luxurious life. and again whomp. So I packed up and moved home until I find just exactly where I want to start my life and new career.
 So my boyfriend Jeremy lives about 30 minutes away from my parents new house so I spend quite a bit of time there. Every Friday I pack up a bag and head to the next city to enjoy a night or two out on the town with my man! I usually pack in a hurry and never really pay attention to what I'm packing which eventually leads to a Target trip or two due to lack of organization. So today I had some extra time on my hands and started really packing with total outfits and goals in mind. While packing I looked down into my bag and realized all I saw was leopard print....
These were the contents of the bag, including a leopard print bra I am currently wearing! I'm telling you, I'm obsessed!

PJ shorts that I got for a total of $2 last summer!
 My favorite bathing suit ever thanks to VS!
Some undergarments ;)

So then it got me thinking, what else do I own leopard?
Well here goes...

My favorite winter coat! Obviously NOT wearing this anytime soon!
I look down and I'm wearing these, a little ugly but possibly the most comfortable flat EVER!
These are on my top shelf for pumps
And the last thing I decided to pull out was My Betsy Johnson bag, a little edgy but a perfect going out bag! 

So I have come to realize I have an obsession, I might need to cut back before I start looking like Snooki. Dang it! Well I'm off to double date at my favorite restaurant! Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


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