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I'm Backkkk!

FINALLY! I have my Mac back and I feel kind of like my life is back, that's pathetic, I love my computer. 
So where do I start? I think I'll let the pictures do the talking!
Sorry if you follow me on Instagram and have seen these already, follow me anyways- basicallybreblog

 Well last week I didn't blog because I took an impromptu trip to Raleigh to see my two besties, Hales & Amanda!
We had so much fun just laughing, eating, drinking wine and watching Bridesmaids, of course. 
The "Amanda lean" 

We obviously participated in Chick-Fil-A appreciation day, for breakfast & lunch.

 And then my heart exploded with joy. I got to see my baby bff, Sophie! She is so grown up now and has so much personality! 

Basically I had the best two days ever and now I've been working my buns off almost every day, oh and school started back! woooooo, not. 

This weekend is Jeremy's birthday so we plan on relaxation and possibly a few birthday celebration drinks, wish him happy birthday on Twitter if you want- @JeremyCButts

Love y'all, promise I'll be back in action come Monday! 


  1. Glad your back! Next time your in Raleigh hit me up! :)

  2. Love your photos... glad you back to the blogging world!! :)

  3. love the pastel shirts with white pants/shorts! cute!


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