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5 on Friday

1. I know I'm slack and didn't do a recap of our Memorial Day weekend but I just didn't have the energy this week! So here are a few photos from the weekend!

2. Last week I attended a Charlotte Social meet-up at Cottage Chic with Honeebee Gifts! The store was so cute with everything you could ever think of for the perfect gift! Along with some adorable jewelry and clothing! 

3. I saw a pin of Kristin Cavallari wearing a leather top and white jeans and had to re-create the look. I ended up getting this top for $10 with a coupon I had for Piperlime and I had the rest of the outfit in my closet! I think I nailed it...

4. I fell in love with a corgi, named Rollie. He is my soulmate and I am now on the hunt for a corgi. Like for real, we're getting one. 

He cured my hangover, well not really but he tried.

5. This week was brutal on little me, so I got a spray tan and I'm "working" from home today. Pssshh I'm watching Two Broke Girls in my pjs and drinking a lot of coffee!



  1. Love the b&w outfit! Checked it out on Piperlime… how is the quality?!?

  2. I truly believe that Corgi's are the world's sweetest animal! I totally understand your obsession!

  3. I definitely don't remember that fabulous picture of the three of us. Ricardo was jealous of Rollie, but I told him that in order for others to love him, he has to let them touch him.


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