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Because I'm HAPPY

So I have a lot to be happy about, a whole lot. I am so blessed and so thankful for every single thing in my life, bad and good! Sometimes I tend to only focus on the negative, however I think I need to express the positive. You know, write and get it all out about what's AWESOME in my life right now! I mean, that's why I started a blog right? To express emotions, to write how I feel!

I am HAPPY about my relationship and soon to be marriage. No need to explain here, it's amazing, quite possibly the best it has ever been and I am so damn in love. Rec-specs and all boo.

I am HAPPY I found a beer other than Blue Moon to make me smile and fuzzy inside. I mean I was kind of a beer snob, maybe still am? But I'm a happy beer snob!

I am HAPPY I have an amazing job and I also currently have the time for blogging and fun! I mean blogging is supposed to be fun and effortless, and recently that's exactly how it has been!

I am HAPPY that I found Cherub on my Pandora station and now I am obsessed with all things exactly like this band and sound. Sorry neighbors, I don't wanna listen to anything else. This band pictured is the

I am HAPPY I have so many BFFs, yep, they're all my best friends forever. Jeremy hates when I say BFF about almost every person I come in contact with, but it's true! I want everyone to be my BFF!

I am HAPPY that my second HAPPY thought after my relationship was about beer. It's been a struggle for me to relax these days and let the little things go but I have finally learned how to relax! Just don't sweat the small stuff and kick back, who cares about the crumbs and dried pizza sauce? Who cares if the laundry has been (wet) in the washer for a week? Well Jeremy probably cares about that, but I DON'T! It's all about letting go y'all, and Lord I have let go of a lot! PS. another good beer and yes, I just posted that pic.

I am HAPPY and because I am so happy I am going to spread the love! Everyday I want to say one super positive and awesome thing to one person! 

Spread the love y'all!



  1. So agree with the blogging part! And yay for weddings!

  2. Love this post! I'm the same way about everyone I meet! BBF4L!!


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