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Wedding Wednesday: down the aisle

As most or all of y'all may know, my father is not here to walk me down the aisle so I had some thinking to do when it came to who would walk me down the aisle. This was a hard decision, so hard I decided that I needed 4 men walking down to my husband, yes 4.
But Bre, how could 4 men possibly walk you down the aisle? Easy! my venue has a set of stairs that I'm going to walk down and then the actual "aisle" that I have to walk down!

My step-dad Paul and one of my dad's best friends, Dave will walk me down the stairs...

Then my two Grandpa's will walk me in the grass down the aisle of chairs to Jeremy! (this is how our chairs will be set-up)

I told Paul and Dave back in December that I wanted them to walk me down the aisle and it was wonderful, they were both so excited! Sunday I drove to Hickory to tell my Grandpa's and they both were so surprised! My granny burst into tears and swore earlier in the lunch that she "wasn't a crier!" 

I feel so blessed to have all FOUR men walking me down the aisle, they all mean so much to me! 



  1. This will be so pretty!! And still loving that dress :)

  2. What a beautiful idea!!! I know all these men feel so special with this honor!!!!

  3. So special! I love all of your wedding updates!

  4. SO sweet and special! Love the idea you came up with and it will be so beautiful!

  5. Aw this is awesome!!! So sweeet!

  6. I LOVE this!! What a beautiful location with 4 special men!


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