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Confessional Friday

I mean it's like 8pm on Friday, so better late than never?

I confess I thought about blogging every night this week but then I just didn't. Last week Jeremy was working 16+ hour days and this week he's been cutting it back so I just have wanted to spend time with him! 

I confess I am dying to watch Orange Is The New Black, Jeremy and I have a date with Netflix tonight. 

I confess that while I'm loving the Summer weather, I am hating the heat. It's friggin' hot. Try pushing a double stroller in the 90* dry heat, no thank you.

I confess I started watching this super cheesy trauma show on the Oprah Network, NY ER. It's not addicting but the thought of being a trauma ER nurse is addicting, I all of a sudden have this urge to become a badass trauma nurse. 

I confess I have become that bride, all I talk about is my wedding. I've started to annoy myself, but hey, I guess it only happens once so #yolo


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  1. Hi Bre! I'm new to your blog...hopped over from A Blonde Ambition. It's only 4pm here in Alaska, so I'm reading this smack in the middle of the day, not late LOL

    I'll be creeping around for a little while. Nice to meet you :)


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