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After The Wedding Wednesday

I decided to do a series called After The Wedding Wednesday! I have so much I want to share about the wedding planing process, the good, the bad, the ugly, and also our actual wedding itself! I want to share pictures in waves on the blog, so like every "event" from the big day in separate posts, but I currently only have sneak peeks!
So this week I wanted to talk about our pre-marital separation! I know many of you inquired about our separation and just what it entailed/ why we did it. I elaborated on it a little but I wanted to share how I felt after the wedding and why the separation was good and bad! 

Our first meeting with our pastor was sometime at the end of July, I believe like July 26th or 27th? I was NOT prepared for what he was going to say to us, it went like this: "In order for me to marry y'all and to do it with this Church, I need you two to separate living situations. I know it may be hard but I will not marry you unless you do." We both played it off cool until we got into the car, we both exploded and were like HECK NO WE AINT SEPARATING! After some consideration and Jesus searching, we came to our senses, it wasn't for the pastor, it was for the Lord. That weekend I moved out of our home and into my great aunt and uncles house in South Charlotte. I cried, I acted like a baby, but I knew some good had to come out of this, right?

Y'all, this was hard, no lies, no pretty flowers, no joking, hardest thing. I hated it, I hated not being in my home, hated not being with Jeremy, hated being an hour away from my school. There were so many nights I stayed on friends couches or made Jeremy walk to a friends after a night uptown, but we did it. We stayed under two separate roofs(??) for almost 90 days. Now, you ask, what was good about this when all I'm doing is complaining how hard it was? We learned to cherish the moments, the minutes we got with each other, the hugs and kisses, the meals and the little things during that 90 days. Not a day went by that I didn't miss Jeremy or miss our evenings together. Once I was able to move back home we were husband and wife, we were a family, like it should be, like our God intended it to be. I could go on for hours about the benefits it brought to our relationship and our spiritual walk with the Lord, but I think you get it, it was just right. 

I don't regret our separation, I actually encourage it to anyone getting married who currently lives together. I now am anxiously waiting for him to come home in the evenings like a puppy! I appreciate our home and our life style so much more now! I do encourage couples to do this and as hard as it was, I would do it again! 

Ok, fine, I'll leave y'all with one picture… SO glad it rained on my wedding day!



  1. That picture is breath taking! Can't wait to hear more about the wedding!!

  2. Love your honesty about how hard it was! That picture is perfection, can't wait to see more!

  3. Thank you for your honesty! I cant wait to read this series and hope to glean some great info!

  4. Gorgeous picture! That would be incredibly hard, but it sounds like it was worth it for you guys in the end! So excited for the rest of this series!

  5. That picture... theres no words to explain it!

  6. Love that photo! I can't wait to hear more about the wedding, and so interesting to hear about the separation before the marriage... love the honesty!


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