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Confessional Friday

- I confess that I am still not recovered from the birthday fiesta held last weekend for my friend Morgan. I am still struggle bus, hard. It was 72 hours of birthday partying. And no, we did not party with old men, those are various fathers and uncles of the weekend. ha.

-I confess I worked at my parents gym all week and didn't work out once. You see, I want to work out, I need to, but I just can't. I HATE working out, if y'all have any tips or tricks for me to help me work out, let me know.

- I confess I went to a Paramore/Fall Out Boy concert Wednesday night. My high school heart was happy, my adult heart was praying for today's youth. Paramore was awesome.

-I confess I've been traveling non-stop lately and I hate it, but I'm ready to go back to the lake this evening. Maybe even try paddle boarding once again. 



  1. Workout hard one time and it'll make you wanna do it again?!

    That SUP looks so relaxing!

  2. You may be on the struggle bus but that photo is priceless!

  3. Girl I wish I had some advice for how to get motivated to work out! I've been majorly slacking in that area. My best suggestion is setting a reward for yourself after a certain number of workouts. I usually use new gym clothes as my reward because I have a serious addiction (;

  4. Love me some Paramore! I was so sad I missed that concert! I dont have any tips for working out. I needed to hire a Personal Trainer to get my butt in the gym, but I know that not for everyone. Good Luck!


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