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Wedding Wednesday: The Favors

Oh wedding favors, how you have made my head spin. For the longest time, and still, we have no idea what we really want to do for wedding favors. I have Pinned, Googled, searched and searched for what to give as favors and I just finally went for some randoms. 

The Jerms and I love some hot sauce, preferably only Texas Pete, made right here in NC. So we got little 3oz bottles of Texas Pete! (oh and that box they're sitting on, more hot sauce.)

We love wine but we just can't hand out bottles of wine, so mom got us some wine stoppers. They're slightly cheesy but whatevs, I'm at my breaking point here. (no you do not want a picture of them)

My latest purchase is koozies, because what wedding doesn't have a koozie?

So now I'm at another stopping point. I really wanted to do favors that were "our favorite things" but I'm just at a loss! What have y'all gotten at weddings that was unique or memorable, or what was the favor at your wedding?



  1. I always like edible favors (midnight snack, cookie buffet, etc.) or something legitimately useful - I like all your ideas above. I'm not a big fan of anything cute that will just end up taking up space at home.

  2. Koozies are what we did and I have a cheap website if you need it!

  3. My cousin and her husband made a CD of all their favorite songs that was actually played also at the reception. Kind of weird but something I definitely still have 10 years later!

  4. All of these favors are adorable! I really like the hot sauce idea, it's so unique and awesome!



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