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Weekend Snapshots

This past weekend was one for the books! I ventured home Thursday evening to spend time with my friend Leslie and take care of my moms house while she was away! Thursday evening we baked an amazing homemade pizza and sipped on some red wine! 

Early Friday we were up and ready for a day of wedding dress shopping! Obviously these were dresses she didn't say yes to...

This one was a close contender, the beauty of this dress was just breath-taking! However it didn't bring tears to our eyes like the one she picked did!

While we were shopping we were all browsing bridesmaids dresses since we are all bridesmaids in her wedding. While browsing we found one of MY bridesmaids dresses! I have never seen the color in person and oh my, its so, so pretty! 

Friday afternoon I headed to a dreaded doctors appointment and then back to my moms house. I had to feed our pet frog and turn the heat on for their late arrival that evening. I decided that there wasn't any food at the house and drove up to our town's Bistro and had a nice dinner for one! I met a sweet older couple on a date night and they shared their dessert with me!

 Saturday was full of some marketing and social media work for my moms and step-dads new business! They hired me for their new marketing and social media, I'm super excited and can't wait to start working with such a great company! 
I also took my mom to get her very first iPhone! Welcome to the 21st century mom! 

Saturday evening we had a wedding for a long-time friend of ours, Hamilton! He was the one who originally introduced Jeremy and I that one night in February 2011, we owe it all to him! 

I went with a classic top-bun and my beloved Urban Outfitters dress from the JDRF gala two years ago

The wedding was a very traditional and beautiful ceremony, the reception was held at Forsyth Country Club, classic wedding and open bar! Heck yah.

My BFF/hair dresser Rachel and her husband Taylor, he was a groomsmen! 

The evening was fabulous and I had so much fun with a lot of old friends from Winston! 

Sunday we spent some time with God in Church and then put up one of mom's three Christmas trees!
I clearly kept Sunday comfy...

Like I said, this weekend was one for the books! I had such a great weekend and I am so very thankful for all my friends and family, I love them so much!

How was y'alls weekend?


  1. We just went dress shopping with my sis yesterday! And I love the dress you wore to the wedding - where did you get it?!

  2. I love your friend's dress! Where did she get hers?

  3. I can't get over that dress- just gorgeous on you!!!!

  4. You looked absolutely gorgeous for that wedding- the dress is fantastic! Are you originally from Winston? It's my hometown!


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