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Charlotte Love

Charlotte. I love it, I really do! 
I never thought I would fall in love with a city like I did with Charlotte. Ever since we moved here back in 2011 I am always finding new places and new things to do, still! As much as I like trying a new place I am also a serious creature of habit! Here are a few places I religiously go to and will recommend to anyone!
Best "fancy" restaurant:
Aria Tuscan Grill (Uptown)
100 N. Tryon St.

AMAZING food & atmosphere! I absolutely love the look and feel of this restaurant, the food is quite incredible as well!
Drinks are pricey but the food is very reasonable!

We had our blogger dinner here back in December! 

Best family owned, family style restaurant:
Villa Francesca (Uptown)
321 N Caldwell St

Oh my word yall! I have never been that into Italian food but this place... *insert omg good face!* The family owns and operates this adorable little place and the food is all their own! The daughter Francesca spends almost every evening there and is always so sweet! She hooks a girl up with some vino! I recommend the penna a la vodka or pull a Jeremy and ask your server to "surprise" you! We have never been disappointed!

Best mexican food (because I'm addicted)
Three Amigos
2917 Central Ave

A M A Z I N G! Authentic mexican and the amount of food you get for the money is mind blowing! I recommend the arroz con pollo with extra queso! Mariel and I will be there Wednesday, it is becoming a weekly thing!

Best dive bar:
The Thirsty Beaver (Plaza Midwood)
1225 Central Ave

Keep an open mind, that's all I have to say! This bar is a serious hole in the wall and has some characters that hang around! But I promise you will always have a good time! And when there is beer for $.50 you really can't go wrong! As they say, "A place where you can come and not give a damn!"
Best Local Brewery:
NoDa Brewing Co. (NoDa)
2229 N Davidson St.

Just amazing beer. Not to mention they sell the awesome pint koozies. No brainer here!

Best beer selection & weekend drink spot:
Common Market
2007 Commonwealth Ave.
1515 South Tryon St.

Both of the Common Markets here are awesome. Hands down the largest beer and wine selection for a chill hang out place. You get to buy your own six pack, single pints, bottles of champagne or wine and then just chill. There is always such a wide variety of people and beers! I love going here on a chill Saturday or an evening of hanging out! I promise this place won't disappoint! They also always have local NC drafts and during the day the deli is open at each location with some kick ass sandwiches! 

Best view of the city:
The Peculiar Rabbit
1212 Pecan Ave. (Plaza Midwood)

...I have my doubts about their food (read: food poisoning) but the view I can't argue with. The rooftop is such a perfect place to grab a bite or sip on a few drinks! Late night is pretty fun here too but be careful, lots of steps!

So honestly, I could go on for hours about my favorite places in Charlotte! But these are the few that stick out in my head! I know I have a few readers new to Charlotte so as always, ask me anything! 


  1. Thank you for sharing. I just added Villa Francesca to my list to try. Yum!

  2. Agree about everything! Definitely still iffy on Peculiar Rabbit's food...overpriced and inconsistent!

    Can't wait until dinner tomorrow!! xoxo

  3. This makes me miss Charlotte so so much! I was lucky enough to live there for a few months during my internship at Hemby and have been trying to get back ever since! Love love NoDa!

  4. I have actually never been to any of those places! Living in South Charlotte, I've been to a lot of places but still have so many more to try, especially downtown. I think Common Market needs to happen immediately (if it's not too boiling hot!).

  5. I need to try all of these places! My boyfriend lives in Ballantyne and I'm in the Southpark area so I never really leave those areas but obviously I need to! Thanks for the suggestions!

  6. GREAT post! i live in PM and still haven't ventured into Thirsty Beaver can you believe it?! annnd I spy my arm in the blogger pic at Aria! woo! delish!

  7. I can't believe I've never heard of ANY of these places! Definitely adding them to the list for next time I'm in CLT. especially the mexican place! I've been on the hunt for the best margarita in the area ever since I graduated college. :)

  8. I just moved back to Charlotte so I'm so ready to visit my old favorite places and try all these you suggested too since they are all practically in my backyard. :)

  9. We actually had our rehearsal dinner at Aria! My in-laws are good friends with the owner. Fabulous restaurant with stellar food!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo