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I went golfing over the weekend, bar golfing that is! 

Bar golf is a little fun game where you choose 9 different bars and 9 different drinks! Each bar has a "par" drink, drink that, you make par. Drink more you get a birdie, drink less you get a bogey! 

We chose 9 bars between Plaza Midwood and NoDa, we stuck with mostly beer at each bar. I would also advise water at every other bar! 

1. Whiskey Warehouse- 2 beers on draft
2. Common Market- A craft or local specialty beer
3. Peculiar Rabbit- Beer we've never heard of
4. Thomas Street Tavern- Angry Balls
5. Dog Bar- Beer of choice
6. The Blind Pig- Cheapest beer in a can
7. Bar With No Name- Bartenders beer of choice
8. Growlers- Beer starting with a "J" 
(if no beer starts with J then work down in the alphabet!)
9. Infused- Infused vodka drink

2nd stop: Common Market, last week I was telling y'all about my favorite places and CM was one of them for the amazing beer & wine selection!

2. craft or local specialty beer- BirdSong Jalapeño Pale Ale

3. Peculiar Rabbit- Beer we've never heard of- Watermelon beer! So good!!

Once again I was telling y'all last week about the view from Peculiar Rabbit...

4. Thomas St. Tavern- Angry Balls! 

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple + Fireball shot= Angry Balls

5. Dog bar! Huge Jenga and cute pups!

6. Blind Pig- cheapest beer in a can, PBR tall boys, duh!

And of course some friendly thumb wars!

Bar 7 was bartenders choice and once again, we got the watermelon beer! It was yummy but it's more of a beer for a pool day! 
The game was fun, but let's face it, we're old. We didn't make it past bar #7! Regardless, we had an awesome night! I would highly suggest playing some golf next time you're out! 


  1. We serve the watermelon wheat beer at our restaurant! It is so good & a North Carolina local made beer! So neat! My husband said he wants to do this but the next morning go pay 9 holes of real golf & combine the scores! Sounds like a plan! I can't wait!!!

  2. Oh lordy girl. Bar Golf is DANGEROUS! I organized one in college, our last week of school with my fellow ZTA seniors! We even dressed the part. It was so fun but I don't know if I'd be able to do it ever again!


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