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Livin' the Lake Life

This past weekend Jeremy & I headed to the lake place for one very exciting weekend! His family and my family were finally meeting! For over a year we have been trying to get the two families together and this time finally worked! 

Jeremy's family drove up Saturday morning and we spent the entire day out on the water, talking and laughing! I was a little nervous for this weekend just because our families can be so different but I had nothing to worry about! Everyone loved everyone and we had such a great time together! 

We took the "fast" boat out first so the girls could kneeboard and ski! Brittany and my sister were champs and both got up on the first try!

 Jeremy's mom & youngest sister!

His mom had a nice little wipeout but man, that woman would not give up on the kneeboard!

The only proper way to float around in the lake...

The epic Relaxation Station, or as my mom calls it, "GIRLS WEEKEND!"

One of the neighbors had a pig-pickin Saturday night so we all headed over to eat and socialize! Excuse my no makeup, I was at the lake!

After dinner we jumped on the pontoon and sailed out to watch the sunset! It was so gorgeous!

I am so blessed to have an amazing family and even more blessed to have such incredible future-in-laws! 

How was yall's weekend?


  1. Looks SO fabulous! LOVE that laser-cut top

  2. Looks like fun! Your bathing suit is gorgeous!

  3. Oh my, that float is awesome!!

  4. Please find out where on earth that big float came from. I have got to get one. Love the suit! You look great as always.


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