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I don't know what to call this post

Hey Y'all, I'm back! 
Thanks again to my guest blogger yesterday for posting while I was laying on the beach! So sad reality is here and I am currently at work instead of on the beach. bummer. 
Anyways! Figured I would give y'all a little re-cap on my life...

July 4th was fun! 

We were kinda chill and hung out with some friends! We kinda just sat around talking and laughing all day since we all had to work Friday. Dinner rolled around and we went to The Peculiar Rabbit in Plaza Midwood. Good dinner, however little did we know it was slowly killing us! Both me and the Jerms were plagued with some food poisoning! We woke up Friday around 3am and well from there it wasn't pretty! I had to skip out on work Friday, I could barely stand I was so sick! 

We had planned on leaving for the beach Friday after work so I doped myself up on some anti-nausea meds and rode along with Jeremy.

We headed to Surfside, SC for a few days to be with Jeremy and all of his family from Wilmington and Ohio! Of course Jeremy felt better Friday afternoon and I really didn't feel like myself till Sunday! Being at the beach sure did help though! 

We both got some MUCH needed rest & relaxation!

We just soaked up the sun everyday!

Did a few touristy things & shopped a little!

Yesterday before we left we did a little parasailing! I've done it once before in high school but it was so awesome to do this with Jeremy!

I had such a blast and I promise I'll resume normal blogging habits soon! 

Love y'all! 


  1. I have always wanted to go parasailing. it sounds like so much fun! I am very jealous. Also the two of you are adorable. Seriously, you both look so happy! Sorry about the food poisoning, but the beach really does solve everything!

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Looked like a perfect holiday weekend! Hard to get back to reality!!

  3. Welcome back!! I am currently wishing I was at the beach!!

  4. Looks like such a fun trip, but what a bummer about the food poisoning! Parasailing has been checked off my bucket list...scariest thing ever! Enjoy your weekend!


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