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5 on Friday!

1. This snow sucks, I want it to melt like asap. That is all.

2. Speaking of snow, I have to sleep at the hospital because of the snow and not being able to get to work. Thanks goodness I have great roomies!

 3. Thanks goodness other nurses were in the same situation, we all had a sleepover, and we went to a restaurant near us for some pre-sleep libations. 

4. I'm going back home this weekend for much needed mama-take-care-of-me-time, this weeks trip was cut short due to the snow storm. I love my moms house, she's so amazing and cooks wonderful food and fills our wine glasses up! 

5. Good news, no camel in the way... it's Friday y'all!!



  1. We've been having to sleep at the hospital here too - the snow can go away now!

  2. Ummm...that hospital room is really CUTE! omg! Happy Valentine's Day, doll!!! Xx.

  3. I always wonder what those who do not get to take a snow day do when the bad weather comes! Over from 5 for Friday - hope that you are back in your warm bed at home!


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