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I Confess...

I decided it was time to confess, so I will lay it all out for ya, here are my confessions. 

I confess I kinda sorta hate school. I love what I'm studying, with a passion, but I hate school. I'm not a focused enough person at this point in my life to spend 28 hours outside of class on school work. It sucks, I want it to end. 

I confess I have been Snapchatting obsessively lately, like all the time. Mostly my sister, but also mostly everyone else. I mean it's fun but I'm sure I'm getting annoying! Sorry for y'all who are on the receiving end, I guess I found a fun interest in it lately?!

I confess I am way too obsessed with my phone. Monday night I didn't sleep, I didn't fall asleep until after 4am and slept on and off until 9am. I blame the initial not falling asleep on my phone, every night I get in bed and open every possible app on my phone. I refresh social media till I've read every twice and I just can't stop. I pin stupid things, I search for dumb things, I read scary things, I do whatever I can to just avoid sleeping. I've been so go-go-go that once I lay down I feel like my phone is my "unwind" time, that I then drag into precious sleep time. Ugh, I need to commit to a no phone after ____ time. Anyone else do this?

I confess I forgot to wear deodorant on Tuesday. I just forgot. The lack of sleep and constant thinking about diseases and medical terms on my mind, I just forgot. Someone sat next to me in class and not knowing what I smelt like, I kept scooting over. I almost scooted over so far, I almost fell out my chair. 

I confess I have been wearing leggings and way-too-big t-shirts since Saturday night. I just can't get dressed, I see no point in it. Leggings and t-shirts are way better. I'm in college so this is acceptable, right?

I confess I'm a HORRIBLE writer, I suck at grammar and I don't really know how I'm allowed to even have a blog that consists of things I write. Jeremy is such a grammar and writing critic that he calls me out on it all the time when he reads my blog. I want to throat punch him every time he does it but really, he needs to be my editor or something. I suck, y'all start calling me out! 

What do you confess?



  1. OMG this is so great. I do the phone thing and I very rarely dress cute for school. Did I mention I'm a fashion major? And as for the grammar mom edits my blog for me! Thanks for being so honest!

  2. I do the phone thing too! Sometimes I'll wake up laying on top of my phone! Haha

  3. I have those socks! Love it. And I need to learn to put my phone away too. Xx.

  4. These are so great...and I agree with you on more than half!! I'm always on my phone late, never get dressed cute for school and I obsessively shame :)

  5. I leave my phone charging in my kitchen so that I'm not tempted to check everything before bed!!! It was hard for the first week or so but I have slept so much better and feel much more rested without the distraction. If I can't sleep, I have a book or magazine next to my bed so I'll read that instead!

  6. Gah I have been doing the saaaaame thing with my phone lately. It's bad. And real clothes are way overrated ;)

  7. Omg...we need to be snapchat friends.

  8. I used to be the same way. I look at my phone so much during the day that I started not allowing my phone "in" bed. Once I'm actually in my bed, no phone allowed. I felt like it really helped. At first though, I would stand next to my bed for like 5 minutes refreshing Twitter. LOL

  9. I too am obsessed with my dang phone!!


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