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Boca Baby

Weekend recap on a Thursday? Totally normal. 
Last weekend the fiancé and I boarded a plane to Boca Raton, FL with his company! Jeremy works for a bank here in Charlotte and every year they take the top performers in the bank and send them on an all expense paid trip! Finally, Jeremy's 14 hour work days paid off! 

We arrived in Boca Raton really early Friday morning and instantly threw on weather appropriate clothes and headed to the sun! Boca was gorgeous, I can't even begin to describe the beauty of this resort, it was so perfect! 

We got to plan "adventures" for each day, we wanted to relax more than anything so we just booked a catamaran tour of the waterway!

The houses were out of this world! Something you would probably see in a Pit-Bull music video, which was quite fitting with all the Miami people around!

Apparently this is Adam Sandlers new house in Boca...

After a little bit of sunbathing and more cocktails we took the nap of a life time and got ready for the dinner with his company! I wore my new Suakoko Betty for Belk dress (in stores) and pretty much want to live in this dress!

Here is a better picture of this dress!

Saturday was a pretty gloomy day so we headed to the spa for massages and relaxation after a late night! We headed to the beach after the spa and took another perfect nap, something about the crashing waves is the most relaxing! 
Saturday night was the gala where all the employees received their awards and were recognized for their performance! I was so very proud of Jeremy and how hard he has worked this past year! Let's keep it up babe, we need more trips like this!
Dress is a BCBG outlet find!

Sunday we took a super late flight out so we could enjoy South Beach! The high was 80* and the sun was beaming, such an amazing day with many Blue Moons involved!

Sadly this weekend ended all too quickly and Monday at work was the roughest! I am currently counting down till next year and making sure I am supporting my other half 100% to make Sterling again! 



  1. That trip looks like it was amazing! I've never been to Boca but it looks like somewhere I would probably enjoy! :)

  2. 1) This looks amazing 2) I now have major travel envy 3) I'm OBSESSED with the dress -- you look fab!

  3. This looks amazing, doll!!! I have that maxi dress and am obsessed with it paired with a Fedora!

  4. hi! your trip looks amazing! i love the striped maxi, is that Lush? if not would you mind telling me where you got it?

  5. Love this post! Where is your striped maxi from!


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