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Five on Friday

1. I haven't jumped on the Kendra Scott bandwagon but I recently spotted these Elle Earrings in Rose Quartz and I need them ASAP. Possible wedding day earrings since the blush pink is perfect! 
2. I'm still swooning over this TOPSHOP dress, perfect for summer and so, so cute! 

3. Earlier in the week at work we had a patient who needed a little more, and simple understanding at what was going on, he's just a kid! My friend Morgan and I decided to take George and give him everything our patient had! His face lit up when we gave him George and explained everything a little better for him! 

4. Speaking of work, I prefer wearing sneakers for my 12 hour shifts. A few weeks ago I had baby puke all in my Nikes so I threw them in the wash, knowing I had to work the next morning, I then threw them in the dryer. Shrunk so bad I can't even get my foot in them now! So off to Marshall's I went! Watermelon Nike's for summer?!

5. So our air condition broke this week, yep the week it decided to get up to 90 degrees here in NC, the AC broke. Basically were in some AC trouble, we called a well-known company here in Charlotte and they clearly lied to us and just tried to get us to replace a $10,000 air system. NOPE! Do any of y'all Charlotte ladies known a reputable and trustworthy heating and AC company? We need someone ASAP!

Happy Friday loves!


  1. I bought the same shoes last summer! They are so comfortable!

  2. Just found your blog & loveee the cute little monkey (I'm in the health field as well). And love those Nike's... Marshalls always delivers :)



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