Friday Fancies!

Favorite Summer Treat

During summer my favorite treat was always Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars! You could get them at the grocery store or from the ice cream man! I would eat the whole box if my mom would have let me! They still are to this day one of my favorite treats! I literally can't resist one if I see one somewhere! I have even bought one a a sketchy gas station... (don't judge)

What is your favorite summer treat? Link-up with av from Long Distance Loving!


  1. i have never eaten a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar but i certainly want to after your post. i love how classy your outfit is that dress is great and those kate spade heels are fabulous

  2. I've never heard of these, but I LOVE strawberry shortcake!! Super cute dress and I want that watch. happy weekend!

  3. I think your twist using the ice cream was just a creative idea! DYING for that watch. Great casual dress that I think you could easily toss a blazer over for fall. Fun look!

  4. I haven't had one of those ice creams in FOREVER. I think I need to go to the grocery store now. And I love that outfit!

  5. That's what I did my Friday's Fancies on too. They're the BEST.
    Love the dress you chose!

  6. Those strawberry shortcake icecream bars are the best! I Haven't thought about them in years!

  7. What a cute outfit!! Simple and sweet... i love it! Have a great wknd!

  8. OKAY, I love this dress and Strawberry Shortcake anything!!! Coming over from FF and happy to be following. Such a fun and cute blog, lady! Happy weekend!

  9. I used to eat those at summer camp, and I loved them! Super cute picks!

    Le Petite Pear


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