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How I make that money honey!

Linking-up with The Bargain Blonde today for How I make that money honey! Since I just recently started my job I am sure most of you know what I do and how I get that pay check but for those of you that don't I figured I would link-up! 

I work at a major hospital in Charlotte on their nursing resource team, aka NRT. We are basically float pool nurses, I travel between two hospitals and fill in where certain floors are short staffed. I am actually PRN, which means as needed but I usually work full-time. I work 3, 12 hour shifts at night, 7pm to 7am! Yes they are long and no I do not like them at all! I currently have 5 shifts standing between me and day hours! I can't wait!!! 

When I took the job I wasn't promised a permanent position, they needed extra NRT staff for the summer months since so many full-time and permanent staff vacation during the summer. My current position only runs through the end of August. After talking to my boss and other staff members they are trying to find me a permanent position at one of the many hospitals they have around here! 
I do LOVE wearing scrubs though!

I love what I do and I can't imagine not working in nursing and with people! I love taking care of people and have that feeling that at the end of every day (or morning in my case) that I have made a difference in someones life! 

Feel free to ask me questions about my job or whatever else comes to mind! And while you're at it link-up with Lindsey today! 


  1. You look adorable in your scrubs! And I'm sure you'll be happy when those night shifts end.. I can't imagine!

  2. Getting ready in the morning must be a breeze for you with those scrubs!!

    P.S. You should come link up with me for Photo 411!

  3. those are scrubs? you look fantastic in them! those night shifts sound like so much work!

  4. gah I hate 12s and I hate dawn shifts, on one right now :(

  5. I hope you get a permanent position! And I am so jealous that you get to wear scrubs! I would live in those!

  6. My husband is in a really similar position with his hospital right now! It's on the administrative side but it's a temporary position. I hope you get something permanent!

  7. Congrats on your permanent position! How exciting! I'm a Marketing Guru that just decided to go back to nursing school, and start in a week at a school here in Charlotte, where I also go my NA certification. Now I'm just trying to find a job at cmc or presby as an NA!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo