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Christmas Loot

I debated for awhile if I should write a post about what I received for Christmas or not. After reading some of my favorite blogs and watching some fav YouTubers, I really liked seeing what they got! So here it is, what I got for Christmas!

I finally got the J. Crew Downtown Field jacket, I have wanted this jacket for awhile but I just couldn't being myself to buy it for myself! Thanks mama!!

After my MK watch broke a few months ago I was dying for a more neutral and  everyday watch, when I laid my eyes on this one I knew it had to be mine! I also got some pretty new Lily and Laura bracelets! 

I have been really searching high and low for some new leopard flats, I have a pair from Old Navy but they're very flimsy and "cute." I really wanted some I could dress up and that were comfy, but structured! I seriously spent hours online looking for the perfect pair, I wanted a pair from Nine West and they were sold out nationwide! I found these Ivanka Trump Carla flats and put them on my list! They are very stunning shoes if you ask me! 

I also got the Gap scarf in the picture above that I had been eye-balling for awhile! It is so comfy and warm!

I got a few gift cards, Sephora, Nordstrom and McDonals's (I get one every year from "my dad" to get months on months of Diet Cokes!)

I got an amazing canvas print from a family friend of me and the fiancĂ© from our engagement party! I haven't decided where to put it yet but I love it! 

I also got the usual, Bath & Body Works lotions, nail polish, fuzzy socks and wine. I actually got some money to pay some some medical bills that have been haunting me, thank you Santa! 

This Christmas was amazing, but it's not over yet! I'm heading down to Wilmington tonight to see Jeremy's family and exchange presents with them! 

What did y'all get for Christmas?


  1. I love that watch and flats! Hope you have fun in Wilmington!


  2. All your gifts are beautiful but I have to say the gift card to Mickey Dee's from "your dad" is my favorite! What a sweet sentiment that I am sure warms your heart each time you receive it. Plus as a fellow diet coke addict, I can simply appreciate. :)

  3. The best gifts are definitely things you want, but wouldn't buy for yourself, and it sounds like you got some good ones! I love seeing what other people got-- it gives me an idea for my next wishlist! ;)

    My fav is your leopard flats...I have been searching for a good pair that are ballet forever- it is not an easy hunt!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo