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Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

This Wedding Wednesday is going to top all the others, I got my wedding dress y'all! 

I have never dreamed of my wedding dress and I honestly wasn't too thrilled at the thought of trying on a ton of dresses! I started to look at a few wedding dresses once we booked our venue and the only thing I was drawn to was lace. Total shocker, I love lace but I never pictured myself in lace on the big day! Long story short- I didn't hype myself up for anything, I just wanted to go and see what happened! 

Most of my bridesmaids came into town to help me shop, and since they were all here I also wanted them to pick out their bridesmaids dresses! This was the fun part, they had about 50 dresses to choose from and they all chose something that "looked" just like them, so funny how it all turned out! There were 7 of my 10 girls there on Monday and none of them chose the same dress!




These are the dresses they chose, except for one! They will be wearing the pink color!

I ordered these bags to give to them when I asked them to be in my wedding, but they arrived about 6 weeks too late! 

 Then came the stressful part, I really tried to relax and have fun but it was hard! I felt so overwhelmed and just very unprepared! I was also extremely unprepared in the beauty department, I was semi-hungover from wine with girls the night before and I hadn't washed my hair and was sans-makeup. YUCK! One word of advice, shower, get a blow out and look fabulous, I felt so gross trying on such gorgeous dresses! (just being honest!)

This dress was the one I was "gawking" over, when I came out I think I felt like it was "the one" and so did everyone else, but I just couldn't see myself getting married in it. I can't describe how I felt, I loved the dress but I literally couldn't picture myself in it! 

Not that I am any sort of expert at this now, but I do highly suggest bringing a camera with you, or a trusty iPhone! My friends took tons of pictures and I went and looked over them all after trying on a dress, seeing yourself in a photograph helps, a lot! I didn't like how this dress looked in person vs. photographed. 

This dress wasn't to be taken seriously but it ended up really catching my eye! It was way too much for my tiny frame but the dress in person was jaw dropping! It had white sequins randomly placed under the tulle and just glistened in the light!

This is another dress that I loved in-person but photographed horribly! I liked the shape and belt but the fabric was just awful! 

I loved the shape of this dress and the look of it! However, the beading was over the top for me, this dress made me realize that maybe a ball gown was for me!

This dress was very pretty, I loved the top of the dress but hated the detailing and fabric! 

And then there is the dress I chose... I grabbed it because it wasn't anything I thought I had wanted, "eh I'll try it, why not." I came out in the dress and got a few gasps and "so pretty!" I kept thinking about it over and over, and I tried it on again. At that moment I just loved it, I could see myself getting married in it, I tried to picture Jeremy's face, and the best part was I burst out into tears wanting to show my dad. That was "my sign," none of the other dresses I felt like I needed to show him, in fact it never even crossed my mind. This one was just an overwhelming feeling of "why can't he be here to see this?" It was very heartbreaking but it was a huge sigh of relief, I knew that was the dress I would say I Do in! 

I want to thank everyone for the sweet words on Twitter & Instagram on Monday, y'all are so awesome! Huge thanks to all my bridesmaids and sweet friends, y'all made the day so perfect and I will never forget it!


  1. I love all the dresses! I was in a wedding in may and they dresses were that color of pink - the pics turned out gorgeous!! I am sure yours will too! I picked my wedding dress because of the beading and the pockets - I love dresses with pockets! You looked so pretty in the pics - I couldn't tell you were hungover!

  2. You need to model wedding dresses. They all look STUNNING on you! That first one is so sassy. I can't wait to see what one you picked! I totally didn't think I would pick anything lace at all, but when it came down to it, my top was all lace and I loved it. Yay Wedding Wednesdays!!

  3. You look amazing in all of those dresses! You have such a great frame. I went with a bride a few weeks ago and just like you she tried on the one she thought was "the one" but she just didn't feel like she could get married in it. She truly felt like a "bride" in the one she selected.

    I can't wait to see the one you selected in the future - I'm sure it's amazing!

  4. You look amazing in all of the dresses you tried on and I can't wait to see the one you chose! This makes me miss planning our wedding-- enjoy it!!

  5. I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!!!!
    I went with a friend to pick out our bridesmaids dresses and oddly enough we all went in with the intention of having different dresses but all picked the same one!!!
    I just love your take on all of your "No's" but the explanation of your "Yes, dress" made me tear up!!!

    I am just so so happy for you!!!

  6. Love that last picture! Love how you knew because you thought of your dad! SO SWEET!

  7. Love this! I wanted to comment on Twitter, but you don't follow me and I'm private. We must remedy this! I'm @mrsandmister. :-)

    You look beautiful in all the dresses, friend!

  8. Congrats! Love the bridesmaid dresses as well!


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