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Face Time

So let's talk about my face. I like this topic. I take great pride in my cleansing and getting ready routine for my money maker. Sike, but really I have finally found the most perfect combination for a fresh looking face and i'm ready to share it!!

Make-up is one thing that I believe is ok to spend some extra bucks on. No one wants smudgy eye liner and clumpy mascara! And if I were some cheesy 2am informercial I would say, "I guarantee you will LOVE these products or your money back!!!!" But I'm not and you're not buying them from me soooooo, I just hope you love them as much as I do!

Also just for the make-up applying challenged, everything listed below is in the order that I put it on my face!
Makeup Routine

1. Clarisonic Mia
This thing is an angel straight from heaven. Your life WILL be changed! I had wanted one for a while but couldn't image paying the price tag for one, fortunately I won this beauty from Crystal! I promise it is worth the money! There is nothing more that I look forward to every day than washing my face with my Mia! (well and seeing J of course!)

2. Almay Wake-Up Under Eye Concealer
I have talked about this product before and I will continue to rave about it because it really does do its job! Covers up those dark circles and diminishes the puffy-ness under your eyes!

3. Bobbi Brown Mineral Foundation
I have tried every freakin mineral foundation in the book and this one by far has the best coverage and the lightest feel! Feels like you aren't wearing a thing! Plus there is SPF 15 in it so your whole face is covered against those nasty aging rays!

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion
I know about half of America uses this stuff but I just can't stress enough what an amazing tube of potion it is! My eye shadow will stay on ALL day or night and I tend to use less eye shadow because it just pops the color so well when I use this! I highly recommend the Sin color if you wear nudes a lot! Oh and a little tiny dab of potion goes a longgggg way!

5. Urban Decay Shadow in Sin
Stila Shadow in Diamond Lil
I will wear the sin if I am going to work or want a more simple pretty look. If I am going out or want a more dramatic look I will put the sin on first and then apply the Diamond Lil color to the lids of my eyes! I know the Diamond Lil color looks a little dark but over the Sin it looks BOMB!

6. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
Pretty simple to understand. Gel eyeliner is just better than any other eye liner and the Bobbi one is EVEN better! No smudging to smearing and stays on for hours! I have used MAC and Maybelline gel eyeliner also but I keep going back to the Bobbi one! If you don't want to spend that much on it (I totally understand!) then I would suggest the Maybelline gel eyeliner! Also be sure to always apply gel liner with an angled tip brush, looks sexy!

7. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!
uh, need I say more? We all should know by now that this mascara is the shiz-nit and a side of cheez-its. (that totally just popped into my head as I am shoving handfuls of cheez-its down my throat)

8. NARS Blush in Deep Throat
Speaking of throats. Hate the name but love the results ;) ummm. NO really this color is greatness and always gives me that glowing a finished look! I would NEVER EVER wear any other blush now that I own some NARS!

This is the closest thing to the finished look I can find here on the laptop, its almost 3am and I really don't need a full face right now, ya hear me?

Well kids there ya have it, my daily face.
Do y'all use any of these products? Anything you guys would suggest I try? I am all about trial and error! 

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  1. I love my clarisonic! I didn't want to spend the money on one either, but I won mine from Clarisonic! I'm obsessed with urban decay eye shadows - they're my favorite!


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