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Fashion Friday: Polka-Dot Romper

I am starting to like this Fashion Friday! It makes me step outside of my normal weekly outfits and try something fun or new! Now I am not your average height, I am pushing 5'8" so sometimes rompers tend to creep-up in areas they should not creep up! This one is no exception, I have to lower the straps all the way and make sure I have some room! So excuse the long awkward bony legs in this one, my knees are atrocious! 

Romper- H&M, Shoes- Target, Bracelet- boutique in home town
LOVE the zipper in the front! 

Blazer- H&M

Not going to lie, I am not really hating the Rihanna boot look with this! I think its different and I love me some different!
note my "I think I'm a bad-ass" glare. It's all an act.


  1. I think all of your outfits with the romper are cute!

  2. I like the boots with that! super adorable!

  3. girlfriend, you look amazing. I don't know what you're talking about with your knees. They're perfect! Such a cute look on you!


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