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Things I Believe I Need

First off- thanks for all the sweet congratulations on Mondays post! Job is going very well and I will start my first 12 hour shift TOMORROW! ahhhhh!

Lately I have really trying to cut back on shopping, shocker! I kind of went nuts last month in the shopping category and overall I just really need to cut back! 

BUT that doesn't mean I can't have a little list of things I want, right?

This sexsy little chevron romper...
ps. thats my old roommate Jena, isn't she the cutest? She's the manager of Fab'rik Chapel Hill, go say hey and tell her I sent you if you're ever near there! 

This adorable Moon & Lola acrylic monogram necklace! I want in brown!

Leopard Print Dansko clogs! AH I want these bad! We can wear whatever shoes we want at the hospital and these leopard babies would look fabulous with my teal scrubs! Too bad I can't find them anywhere except eBay and that just freaks me out to wear someone else's shoes!


OK I am going to stop for today! I could probably go on for about 12 more times but thats just excessive! 

Do y'all ever just make a little list of things you want and decided to purchase the best choice at that time? I think thats what I may plan to do after I receive my first paycheck!?!


  1. I totally love all these! Definitely need to stop by fabrik. Do you live in NC?

  2. That chevron romper is too cute!!!

  3. BRE! I need that romper asap. Is it on the website?! I can't find it! that store is adorable.

  4. I make lists like that all the time! Anytime I see something I want, I write it down with the price and where I can find it, then the next time I get paid, I start buying! My Mom is a nurse and has those exact shoes, she loves them!

  5. girl I love that romper but I just don't see myself being able to pull it off..but you..def!! oh and I'm dying for an acrylic moon and lola necklace!!

  6. I want that necklace and the chevron romper!


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