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My Playlist (not what you're expecting!)

I love r&b or as Jeremy would call it, the baby makin music.

shocking, I know.

I am not your typical 20-something girl when it comes to music. I do not like country and one thing I despise even more is pop music. Or the latest and "greatest" song on the radio. gag. I swear if I hear Adele one more time I'm gonna cut a baby. Just kidding. But really GET OFF THE RADIO! 

Here are a few songs from my favorites and these songs are on constant repeat in my car, and home, and anywhere I go!

ps. The Weeknd is my weakness as of right now. Holy mess sing to me...

The Weeknd- The Morning 

The Weeknd- The Zone feat. Drake 
(pss. I wanna look like the Thursday girl)

Lloyd- Jigsaw 

Lloyd- You II

Jeremih- Take Off

Jeremih- X's and O's

Drake feat. The Weeknd- Trust Issues 
(sorry for the image on this one, I do not in any way condone taking drugs!)

Kanye West & Jay-Z -Gotta Have It

J Cole- Lost Ones

And last but not least, because this one is just fun and I find myself rapping to it...
D.VELOPED- My Dangerously Melodic Anthem 

Yea so I'm sure by now your mouth is dropped open and you're like "omg who is this girl?" Well yea this is what I listen to, on a daily basis. 
I really appreciate a good artist, not just their voice, their music, their lyrics and their beats. All of these artists don't just write their own lyrics or sing well, they develop their own beats and music to their lyrics. I really love that, and yes I'm weird. This is know! 

Happy Wednesday dolls! 

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  1. I mean I am completely obsessed with The Weeknd. You have great taste in music, friend!


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